Web-Based Transcription

Huntington's web-based transcription platform allows the secure transfer of audio files via a toll-free 800 number or digital recorder over the Internet, the same as transferring any other digital or graphics files. Once the audio files are transcribed by our background-checked law enforcement transcriptionists, the completed text files are immediately available for download to a client's computer or document management system.

Huntington's web-based transcription platform utilizes a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol allows for all information transferred between our clients and Huntington to be encrypted during transfer, thus ensuring confidentiality.

In addition to transcribing .wav and/or digital files delivered to our secure web-based platform, Huntington also transcribes audio from standard cassette tapes, micro cassette tapes and video tapes. Simply forward them to us via your courier of choice.

Since 1983, Huntington has been providing court reporting and law enforcement transcription services to major law firms and law enforcement agencies. Our many years of experience for quality, turnaround time, confidentially and pricing has made us one of the premiere court reporting and law enforcement transcription agencies in the country.

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